Nai-Chang Yeh Research Group

High-yield single-step catalytic growth of graphene nano-strips by plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition
FT studies of the conductance maps of Y-123: |F(k,ω)| at H = 5T and ω = -12 meV

Local quasiparticle density of states and Fourier transformed local density of states in YBa2Cu3O7-δ (Y-123)

Nai-Chang Yeh

Thomas W. Hogan Professor of Physics, California Institute of Technology

Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology
B.Sc., National Taiwan University

Condensed matter experiments, focusing on scientific and technological topics of correlated electrons (e.g., high-temperature superconductors; colossal magnetic perovskites), topological materials (e.g., topological insulators and superconductors; topological states for quantum information), low-dimensional systems (e.g., van der Waals materials including graphene, h-BN and two-dimensional transition-metal dichalcogenides; graphene nanostripes; carbon nanotubes; nanoparticles; quantum dots), valleytronics, spintronics (based on spin-orbit-coupled materials, half-metallic ferromagnets), nanoscience and nanotechnology (e.g., instrumentation of scanning probe microscopy for nanoscale characterization; nanofabrication of electronic, optoelectronic, valleytronic and spintronic devices; nanoscale strain engineering of graphene and transition-metal dichalcogenides) and energy research (e.g., energy conversion in photovoltaic and fuel cells; supercapacitors and lithium ion batteries for energy storage).

Recent News and Highlights

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